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Relationship Expert Suggests Anti-Pornography Video Is Dangerous

Tulsa, OK, January, 15, 2009 You know the belief that pornography destroys?  According to Calle Zorro, founder of, "pornography is not what destroys marriages and lives".  Rather, he states that porn and especially so-called "porn addiction" is merely a "symptom of a bigger problem."

These statements come in response to Mr. Zorro's review of the video, "Somebody's Daughter: Pornography" shown on the American Family Association website.  Zorro acknowledges the good intentions of this video but states that "this video may well cause more harm and damage than good and defeat the very purpose for which it was intended."

In a blog post ( Zorro states, "for the most part, pornography is merely an instrument men use to get their needs met".  Zorro goes on to suggest that if this outlet is blocked, it will only serve to create greater stress that drives men to seek release and fulfillment in other ways such as through extra-marital affairs.

Says Zorro, "Even the most basic and informal research will reveal that among married men, the biggest consumers of porn are those who are in sexless or nearly sexless marriages.  Conversely, men who have frequent sex with a partner outside of the marriage or who have a satisfying, fulfilling, marriage where their sexual appetite is fulfilled are the least likely to consume porn."  Zorro adds that "If a wife were to regularly make love with her husband with half or even a fourth of the energy and enthusiasm that women in porn exhibit, in most cases she'd find that her husband had little to no interest in porn."

Regardless, Zorro encourages men to take responsibility for their relationship woes and eliminate their need for porn as an outlet.  He affirms that "Any man can learn how to invoke within his wife the desire for more intimacy."

About Calle Zorro:  Mr. Zorro teaches and mentors men internationally on how to create a happier, more sexual relationship with their wife.  His writings can be seen at